Sunday, July 6, 2008

defrosted freezer

one of the kids had left the door cracked open and it frosted up, so I defrosted it and this is what I put back (some things got put in the small freezer):

Shelf #1
o Sausage Toaster Scramblers
o Apple pie
o Frozen pizza (kids')
o 4 loaves sandwich bread
o Hamburger buns
o Lemon muffins
o Strawberry muffins
o Dinner rolls

Shelf #2
o Turkey pot pie
o Breaded chicken breasts (uncooked)
o Breaded chicken tenderloins (uncooked)
o 2 pks. Fried chicken
o 2 pks. Salisbury steak
o Green bean casserole
o Meatballs
o 10 # leg quarters
o Whole chicken

Shelf #3 (oamc)
o 2 lg. chicken pot pies
o 2 baked bean chili
o Beef stroganoff
o Crockpot pork chops
o Fajitas
o Sloppy Joes
o 2 bbq w/rolls
o Spaghetti & meatballs
o Pork chop special
o 3 burrito filling
o Baked chicken
o Meatloaf
o Garlic chicken
o Pot roast
o Baked bean dinner

Shelf #4 (meat)
o Boneless chicken breast
o 4 roasts
o Whole chicken
o Cube steak
o 3½ # ground beef
o ½ smoked ham
o 3-5# ground beef
o Pork roast
o 2 pks. Chuck steak
o Marinated hamburger patties
o 4 hamburger patties
o 3 pks. Italian sausage
o Lg. raw shrimp

Shelf #5 (meat)
o 10 steaks
o Slab of ribs
o 2 pork steaks
o Whole ham

Door #1
o 2 broccoli

Door #2
o 2 pks. Tortillas
o 3 pks. Mashed sweet potatoes
o Pineapple

Door #3 (lunch meat)
o 3 ham
o Chicken
o Turkey
o Hot dogs
o Ham hock
o Liver pudding???

Door #4
o 2 pks. Cocktail weenies
o 5# ground beef
o 4 hamburger patties

Door #5
o 2 meatloaves

Door #6
o 10# Fish

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