Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cleaners inventory

Looks like I need to get to cleaning :)

o Swiffer wet pads
o 3 windex
o 2 spray bottles of white vinegar
o 1 gallon white vinegar
o 2 clorox ready mop refills
o Clorox bleach
o 3 clorox floor cleaner
o 1 sol-u-mel
o 1 bar keeper's friend
o Dust pads
o Litter liners
o Litter filter
o Cat brush
o Putty knife
o Lysol all-purpose cleaner
o 409 kitchen
o Greased lightening
o Trash bags
o Bleach spray
o 2 lysol kitchen
o Pledge
o 2 greenworks
o 1 ant spray
o 2 electrasol tabs
o 2 jet dry
o 1 hummingbird solution
o 1 lysol wipes
o 1 mr. clean wipes

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