Monday, July 7, 2008

Yesterday's decluttering (7/6)

Round 3:
have gotten rid of 1 bag of kids' clothes

tossed another bag full of trash

tossed a folding table and a cracked laundry basket

Round 2:
the chest has been picked up, and so I went through the videos............

Got rid of 62 videos!!!! They are going to my mom's for the kids to watch I don't have to pack dvd's anymore when they stay over there.

have been tossing like crazy today, much to my kids' chagrin:) I love it:)

Round 1:
I have emptied a box (mostly tossed stuff) and a bin (1/2 toys, 1/2 tossed). The bin was also tossed.

I took all the videos off the armoire, all the dvd's out of the chest & cabinet.

Moved the armoire across the LR, put the kids' confiscated tv on it (from their room)....plan to hook the dvd/vcr to this tv & use the other tv just for satellite. Since the kids lost the remote, the dvd/vcr won't work on the main tv, b/c we can't change the tv to the right channel (you have to enter the actual # instead of just pushing up & down).

Put the dvd's & vids with boxes back on the armoire. All the vids w/o boxes are in a bin to be sorted through. Tossed any empty boxes that are cracked or smushed.

Took out 3 bags of trash (so far).

going to use the small cabinet for an end table:).......inside I will have 2 shelves for my stuff:)

Dusted the armoire & tv.

listed the chest on freecycle.....must be picked up today!!

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