Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Make-Your-Own Baby Wipes

Cut a roll of high-quality THICK white paper towels in ½. Mix
together: 2 c distilled water, 2 T baby oil, 2 T baby soap or shampoo. If
your baby is prone to yeast infections, add 1 T of white vinegar. Boil this
mixture. Place paper towels in this mixture. Cool. Put paper towels and
leftover liquid in a 10-cup Tupperware container (or gallon size Ziploc
bag). Pull cardboard insert out & use wipes from the inside out. The last
several wipes you will have to squeeze out the excess liquid to keep from
being too soppy. If your wipes dry out, just shake the bag or container &
they are wet again. Also, you can cut up extra or damaged cloth
diapers/blankets/washcloths/soft shirts for use as reusable wipes.

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