Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pantry inventory

I redid this, but it was pretty much done from last time, just a few things moved around and a few things I forgot to mark off:

Coffee pot & filters
Splenda pitcher
Rice, sugar, kool aide, hot chocolate packets, instant oatmeal packets
Decaf tea, spaghetti noodles, brown sugar, cocoa, Italian bread crumbs
Flour, quick oats, baking soda, Bisquick, powdered sugar
Bread flour, baking powder, seasoned flour, cornstarch, self rising flour, packets (2 ranch dressing mix, 1 onion soup mix)

Top left drawer:
Microwave popcorn & kernels
2 Caramel syrups
2 pks. Ice cream cones
Lime jell-o
Orange jell-o
Pistachio pudding mix
Vanilla pudding mix
4 chocolate pudding mixes Extras for Canisters:

Top Middle drawer:
1½ all-purpose flour
Quick-cooking oats
Cheddar French fried onions
2 baking soda

Top right drawer:
1 chicken pasta
1 beef rice
2 pks. stuffing cubes
oriental rice
Spanish rice
Teriyaki rice
Yellow rice
3 beef lo mein
Cornbread stuffing

Middle left drawer:
EVOO; sunflower seeds; 2 parmesan cheese; teriyaki sauce
Soy sauce; pumpkin butter; honey; light corn syrup
Rice vinegar; red wine vinegar; 2 apple cider vinegar
Molasses; syrup; 2 sugar-free syrup Misc:

Middle drawer:
2rolls paper towels

Middle right drawer:
Baking #1:
2 active yeast packets
2 semi-sweet chocolate chips
white chocolate (swirled) chips
1½ pks. Milk chocolate chips
Cake mixes: coconut and orange supreme
Red hots
1# mini marshmallows
4 env. Dream whip
1# dark brown sugar
Unsweet baking chocolate

Bottom left drawer:
Pasta/Dried Beans:
7 lasagna noodles
2½ bags egg noodles
wacky mac
2# pinto beans
1# navy beans
1# baby lima beans
1# lentils
1# great northern beans

Bottom middle drawer:
2 cans concentrated Enfamil lipil
7 Enfamil powder packets (single servings)

Bottom right drawer:
Baking #2:
1#whole almonds
½# chopped pecans
Box pancake mix
Pack pancake mix
Corn muffin mix
1½# chopped walnuts
2 oz. slivered almonds
Muffin mixes: 2 banana, 4 blueberry
Brownie mix
Sunflower seeds
10 oz. pecan chips
Frosting: 2 cream cheese, 1 butter cream

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